Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Story about fearful in my hostel.

During I was study in primary and Secondary School, I never live at hostel as I heard a lot of horror story happened at hostel. When I get into Uitm, even I was happy at the beginning, but at the same time little I don’t like it because I must live at hostel. In my mind I always think about the horror story that I have heard before. Hehehe…Maybe I seem like a child…!!!

I remember that when I was in part one, during the study week my senior told us a story about ghost in my hostel. Before I forget I live at hostel mutiara. All student uitm here say that my hostel very fearful or “panas”. When I heard that I little fear and scared. Something plays around I my mind, that is the story that my senior told me while the study week. I’m become so cold and shaking when I’m went to toilet at 3 a clock at that morning. After I went out from the toilet, at my horror, there has a black shadow that pass across me. For a few second I felt nothing, but after that I heard a crying child at my back. What can I do at that time?? I’m alone as my friends already sleep maybe for a few hours before. I can’t move. I felt just like some glue have been paste in my feet. I try to turn back and what I can see is something fearless, a baby without an eyes and blood came out from the whole of her ears, nose and mouth. I try to shout but nothing out from my mouth. My body full with sweat. I can see clearly that she try to get near me. She move slowly but I felt just like she is running as a few second later he was on my feet.

I try to move but suddenly I felt her hand was touching my leg. After that, I don’t know what happen to me. When I open my eyes, my friends was around me and they ask me what happen but I just can’t remember anything. But, suddenly across in y mind, I look at my knee and it surprising everyone. My leg full with blood and when my friends wash the blood, there have no wound in my leg. I told them about what happened to me. The story about a baby ghost is flying around the collage. After that everyone become more careful and they never been alone at the midnight. But, sometimes, the story is coming again from our new students. Maybe this story will be a tradition for mutiara collage….

Monday, March 23, 2009

my classmate Bel 311

Each classmate must have classmate right? For me I have 29 classmates for class BEL 311. Firstly I want to introduce my classmate is Erni. She live in bating, Selangor. She is very kind person. I know erni since me semester 2 in class marketing. I easy to friend with she and one thing her is my best friend now.

Imah and Azirah is best friend each other. I know them since me semester 1. azirah I know she when I and her together take pre commerce in UiTM dungun. They are very kind on me.

Rahdhiyah and Salwa is twin in my class. I know about them since me semester 1. When they go anywhere they must together. They beautiful girl and they have voice is beautiful and best.

Sheila, Huda, and Farah are my classmate. They are always together. They are good person. Sheila and farah is not to much talk person. huda is like smart to talk person.

Kent and Raja is my classmate also. I have classmate with they since semester 1. I like look them with they have presentation because they presenter that great.

Shaida and Khalid is love couple. I know about them when I semester 1.They is sweet couple in my class and always together anytime.

Aina, Farah, Izzaty and Al-amirul are one of speaking in my class. aina or I and other student call she “apek” because she face like look china. farah I know about she so much I look she sweet girl. izzaty is beautiful girl and quite person. I know she when I semester 1 because she and I same hostel. Al-amirul is new student in uitm here. He like too talk much.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

5 things I almost like in my life

Everybody have the things that they like, for me I have 5 things that I like there are my cats, hand phone, comic, purse and pillow. I almost like my cats. I have 9 cats at my home. It all local cats but very cute. kelabu, tam, yot, yet, giant, tam chick, tam chick2, pai, putam there is named of my cats. I like my cats because it can reduce my stressed when I hug and play with my cats. I have my favorite cat is a kelabu. It very cuts and tame. When I at home my cats ‘kelabu’, kelabu always at my side. Whatever, I love all my cats. When I live in hostel I always miss it.

Second things that I like are my hand phone. I like it because this gift from my parents when I get in UiTM. When I get a new hand phone that very happy, I happy not because I get new hand phone but it are best gift from my parents. As one of the thing I almost like. I always remained myself to take care about my hand phone it best that I can. When my hand phone is broken I very sad and sometime my parents advice me to buy new hand phone but don’t want because it that things I like.

The third I like is book comic. I love read comic especially genre comedic. This time I almost like book comedic ‘lawak campus’ and ‘madori hari-hari’. It is a comedic that substitutes is Malay language that I can more enjoy it when I read. lawak campus is local comedic and madori hari-hari is from Japan comedic. Start I like read book comedic when I live at hostel in UiTM. I read book comedic because it can reduce my tension or stress. I had read my book comedic 3 times a each one book.

The fourth the things I like is my handbag. The things that a first I use my money to buy it of course, that I almost like. Always that thing we buy anything with money ourselves I believe we always take care the things as best that it can right.
And lastly that I like is my small pillow. As I like it because it very smooth and this pillow is my father pillow. My father gifts me when I come in UiTM. That always I remember him. I will take my pillow anywhere I go especially when go to trip or anywhere when without my father.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I take 7 subject this semester.....!!!!!!!!!!

This semester, I am taking 7 subjects there are inggeris academic purpose (BEL 311), asas Islamic economic (CTU 241), business communication (MGT 269), microeconomic (ECO 162), Statistic (QMT 216), mandarin language (BAB 101), and lastly is hokey (HSL 119)

All subject that I taking this semester (3) a new for me that I never learn before this. The named of lecturer BEL 311 is Sir Mohd Izuan. That first I attend the class I felt nervous because I hadn’t to see that lecturer BEL 311. After that I attend my class I not really nervous because that lecturer is kind but some time very strict. Although, this subject that I last take along time my study.

In subject business communication (MGT 269) my lecture named is Mohd Kamil. As lecturer that never see before this. This new knowledge for me that it I learns about how to do meeting, resume and interview. This something that very interesting and I needed when I in work and job.

Mandarin subject (BAB 101) my lecturer named is Zhang Peng Hua. This subject is very interesting and excited. I choose this subject because as you know in my country Malaysia majority nation Chinese in business. When I teach mandarin language subject that is can easy to communicate with nation Chinese in business.

Before this I dream that I want to try playing Hokey. This now that is reality because I choose hokey in co-curriculum. First I attend my class in hokey very never because I never know how to play n role this game but I very excite do this and I thank god because my dream become reality.

about my self

My name is nurul ain binti juhari. I was born in 8 November 1989 at klang, Selangor. in my family I have my mother, father, two brother, 1 little brother. My father name is juhari bin akdar, he born in 18 august 1954 at Muar, Johor. He works as maintained. I love he very much because his very kind, hardworking, understanding and sporting person. My mom name is khadijah binti palil. She was born in 20.6.1956 at Muar, Johor. She worked as administration finance. I love she very much to because her very loving, take care, understanding, hardworking, sporting and patient person. My first brother name is aizuddin bin juhari. He was born in 2 march 1984 at klang, Selangor .his is love, take care and hardworking person but something her control me. Beside that I love he. My second brother name is airull bin juhari. He was born in 1 January at 1986 at Muar Johor. His is still study at Unikl in course designer ship. I very closed with him another sibling because his very kind, loving, hardworking, take care and understand person. As one the reason is my distant age with him not far that why I closed with him. Lastly is my little brother is mohammad auf bin juhari. He was born in 24.july.1996 at Muar, Johor. He very spoiled but he kind person and I love him very much.

Now I tell about my self. I was seven years I was kindergarten in kemas in Uitm Johor. I remember that when I first come to it I cry hardly and my mom n father forced to wait me until time of class finish. As long as I can suitable my self and gets many friend. After finish my study I kindergarten, I go to primary school at sekolah kebangsaan gemereh. All my family gives support to me when I attend my new school. In primary school I active in sport like handball, netball and another else. when I thirteen years I was secondly school at sekolah menengah kebangsaan gemereh this time I still nervous usually but I not afraid because I am ready have friend when I at primary school. In secondly school I very naughty and always do wrong at school. Suddenly I remember that when I form 1, I and my friend do noised at my classroom until my teacher discipline scolded and all of my classroom force to stand at center field that my memories never I forget forever.

Monday, January 5, 2009

memories of UiTM

Today, I learn a new song called ‘breathe again’ from the singer Juwita Sowito. Its means that she want to show how her felt when she started the new place of study. When she there her have many felt like sad, happy, nervous and another more. As that is new environment from that why too difficult to suitable.

Suddenly she remembers me when I started new place at UiTM. Firstly, of course I felt happy, excited but the same time I felt nervous and sad. As new place I not have friend n force to live distant from my parents because I never live far from my parents so too difficult to suitable myself at new place that far from my parents. Usually, at UiTM have program for new student called MMS (minggu mahasiswa). Its memories that I never forget forever because that I first felt how incur orientation same time I felt excited but so very tired. As I sleep 3 hours only and never to rest that time until that same I want to quit but my parents advise me to be strong. I still continued. that time I felt sad, tired, but I happy to because I found new friend that help me when I have time that difficult like when I sad.Whatever I so very happy. Wish me luck.