Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Story about fearful in my hostel.

During I was study in primary and Secondary School, I never live at hostel as I heard a lot of horror story happened at hostel. When I get into Uitm, even I was happy at the beginning, but at the same time little I don’t like it because I must live at hostel. In my mind I always think about the horror story that I have heard before. Hehehe…Maybe I seem like a child…!!!

I remember that when I was in part one, during the study week my senior told us a story about ghost in my hostel. Before I forget I live at hostel mutiara. All student uitm here say that my hostel very fearful or “panas”. When I heard that I little fear and scared. Something plays around I my mind, that is the story that my senior told me while the study week. I’m become so cold and shaking when I’m went to toilet at 3 a clock at that morning. After I went out from the toilet, at my horror, there has a black shadow that pass across me. For a few second I felt nothing, but after that I heard a crying child at my back. What can I do at that time?? I’m alone as my friends already sleep maybe for a few hours before. I can’t move. I felt just like some glue have been paste in my feet. I try to turn back and what I can see is something fearless, a baby without an eyes and blood came out from the whole of her ears, nose and mouth. I try to shout but nothing out from my mouth. My body full with sweat. I can see clearly that she try to get near me. She move slowly but I felt just like she is running as a few second later he was on my feet.

I try to move but suddenly I felt her hand was touching my leg. After that, I don’t know what happen to me. When I open my eyes, my friends was around me and they ask me what happen but I just can’t remember anything. But, suddenly across in y mind, I look at my knee and it surprising everyone. My leg full with blood and when my friends wash the blood, there have no wound in my leg. I told them about what happened to me. The story about a baby ghost is flying around the collage. After that everyone become more careful and they never been alone at the midnight. But, sometimes, the story is coming again from our new students. Maybe this story will be a tradition for mutiara collage….

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